Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 5, Project Life...(Well, sorta)

This week, I discovered that there is a Project Life Photography Challenge every week at Scrapbookers Inner Circle. This week, the challenge was to include some of the foods you eat, and at least one recipe. I kind of liked this idea. I included the recipe for Xane's favorite mac and cheese. It's just the Velveeta recipe off the box, but he would eat it every day. As I was documenting dinner, I realized Xane asks me the same questions every night: "What's for dinner?" and "What time will my dinner be ready?" Typical boy!

Here is my spread for the week:

And then here is the right side, which is documenting dinner for the week.

The left side is documenting some of our activities. We went to skate night, had a game night, and it seems that as the year goes on, we have a lot more homework to do at night.

I made my own journaling cards once again, using some cardstock and stamps. And I used one of the discard cards from our new monopoly set.

And when I went to import the photos, I found some more pictures of Xane writing Valentine cards, which I had completely forgotten I had taken, so I guess I need to add a layout here in between....stay tuned.

Still not sure how I feel about this approach to scrapbooking. I feel like it isn't as nice as some of my other books, but it is a lot easier, faster, and I feel like it is more of a journal of our every day life. How can you not feel good about that?

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  1. oooh I love the foodie idea! off to check out Scrapper's Innner Circle.


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