Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer bucket list

I got this idea from pinterest, and I'm very excited about it! Summer starts here next Wednesday. Xane and I do a lot of fun activities all summer, but I thought it would be fun to do the bucket list to ensure variety. The original idea can be found here.
Also the Happy Family Movement has a summer bucket list challenge. Join up there for prizes and an information packet.

Here's how it works:
You start with color coded sticks. Then you write an activity on each stick. Each day you pick a stick to decide what to do.

Here is our list:
Yellow- sunny day activities
1- sidewalk chalk
3- water guns
4- roller skating
5- bubbles
6-make tie dye shirts
7- make and use marshmallow shooters
8-ride bikes

Orange - places to go that are free or already paid for
9- dorney park
10-walking trail
12-visit someone
13- playground
14- jacobsburg park

Green- places to go that cost money
15- crystal cave
16- mini golf
17- bounce u
18- bricks 4 kids
19-camel beach
20- find a fair
21-visit the big city!
22-go to the movies
23- davinci science center
24- bowling

Blue- rainy day fun
25-make your own "I spy" book
26- make rainbow Popsicles
27- bake cookies
28- read a book
29- play board games
30- sing, dance, or play in the rain
31- make homemade ice cream sandwiches
32-make soft pretzels
33- make rain paintings
34- make a cardboard city
35- make origami
36- write in summer journal
37- make puppets and put on a show

Plain sticks- things to do at night
38- catch fireflies
39- make a glow stick lantern
40- stargazing
41- have a campfire. Toast marshmallows.
42- host a sleepover
43- have a video game night
44- have a game night
45- watch fireworks

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