Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer bucket list item #1 &2: Keep a journal/ Read a novel

It's really important to me this year that we incorporate educational activities into our summer. I want Xane to practice reading and writing. After all, he's going to third grade next year.

I decided we will keep journals of our summer. Ive had these Smash books for probably about 2 years. They are ready to be filled. Today, we are going to decorate our covers.

Another item on our list was "Read a book." I want to read at least 1 full length novel with him. I did find out that Barnes and Noble will give your child a free book for reading 8 books. You can get the official journal on the Barnes and Noble website, or in Barnes and Noble stores.

Our first book that we are going to tackle is "Brother from a Box" by Evan Kuhlman. I thought he would like it because he always says he wishes he had a brother. We've read the first 20 pages. So far, 12 year old Matthew is at home when a box arrives. He opens it up and finds a robot kid inside. Pretty funny so far. Lots of giggling here.

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